America Hear Chairman Harold

• January 17th, 2017

Jazz Joy and Roy radio super specials are presented in blocks to allow broadcasters to insert ads/promos.   Rent Roy, good idea!! Phone: 714-421-1838 See our Rent Roy page if looking for traveling DJ/audio consultant.......

What they’re saying about Roy on the street….

Sunny A.

You are my favorite DJ in Texas, Roy.

Mary R.

I must admit when I first heard you make an announcement, I was pissed at my husband for spending like a sailor on a celebrity DJ.  But when he told me about your reasonable prices and incentives, I was blown away!  Great music variety and announcer performance, you rock Roy!

    Donna S.
    …Sound quality, song selection and variety within our Genre were awesome…
    Bob G.
     You are really, really good, Roy!
    Sam M.
    Hats off to the people who chose you to entertain us, Roy, just awesome!
    Betty R.
    I’m putting my team to work right now to make sure we get you for our upcoming event.

    Dorothy P.
    Had a great time Saturday, good friends and great dance music. You’re the best! When are you playing again?
    Anthony B.
    You guys did really good work for us!

    Jesse T.
    Had a great time last Saturday evening. Good pace, no songs too long, good variety, excellent presentation.
    Sally W.
    My friend Pam and I thought your performance at the Arizona car show was magnificent.  Incredible variety of music. Just wanted you to know you made my visit from Chicago extra special.  Pam told me when she overheard the way you responded to the clerk’s questions at the store a few months ago, she just knew you had to be some kind of public speaker.  They produced the whole show like a Hollywood production.  Love your radio show too.  Kudos!
    Dick F.
    Great DJ! Good variety of music. Had a great time. Would love to do it again. Hire this guy if you get a chance. Love his deep voice.
    What they’re saying about Roy in Hollywood….
    Telma Hopkins of movie, sitcom and Tony Orlando and Dawn fame: Man, does he have a great voice or what!?
    Warryn “Baby Dubb” Campbell of Grammy-winning fame: Roy Gray is the greatest!
    Jenifer Lewis of voice-over, movie and sitcom fame: Good Lord, what a voice!


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